Hello there! My name is Matlhodi and I’m a serial blogger…or rather a blog addict. I currently own two existing blogs; well I actually co-own FroChic, a natural hair blog and own Bride In Africa, a bridal one.

Every interesting journey I embark on in my life, a related blog has to somewhat emerge. That’s just me, I don’t keep a private journal, I just put it out there for anyone who cares to read my junk. Besides hair and bridal stuff, I have among many other interest the love for fitness, music and TV critic tendencies and a big hunger for reading. I therefore will be covering those on this blog.

Some people say I should start a fashion & style blog….that’s not gonna happen. Although I do have my personal style which a number of people always compliment, I’d rather leave the fashion blogging to the “fashionistas”. Another passion/talent of mine is make-up but I don’t have the energy to start a blog on that; yes every now and then I have brides for clients but will cover those on my bridal blog. I also get called to give make up demos to groups of women, that’ll fall under Tlhodissity’s anything goes. I will however have separate sites for music & TV show reviews, bridal, fitness, books and obviously FroChic will remain a part of my life.

So here’s a list of the blogs I’ll be bombarding your RSS feeds from:

Bride In Africa – A bridal blog

FroChic – My co-owned natural hair site.

Jima Ntombi – A fitness site

Pina Ela – A music site

A Re Bale – Reading/ Book review site

EVA hair & Beauty – My hair salon site.

As for the rest ie make-up, TV, fashion, I’ll be gooi-ng them here on Tlhodizzle!

I just opened an ethnic hair salon in Germiston, East of Gauteng called EVA Hair & Beauty and will be touching on that as well. So yeah…a big cocktail of mumbo jumbo but that’s my world. So welcome you music, TV, fitness, book, hair and bridal junkies…let’s rock n roll!!

I’m @matlhodi_EVA on Twitter, @Tlhodiz on Instagram & Pinterest…sooo…


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