Blog Name Change


I am allowed to do this right? I think I am.

So I decided to change the name of the blog from Tlhodissity (Tlhodi being my name) to The Buttanut. I initially wanted to create my brand…then I thought…nah, not yet.

The Buttanut (in proper English – The Butternut) was inspired by that most talked about episode of DSTV Mzanzi Wethu‘s Our Perfect Wedding. That was the saddest and weirdest wedding I’ve EVER seen.

One of the highlights of the filming was when the groom was getting dressed and went “Tonight is the night of…..THE BUTTERNUT (pr buttAnut). The buttanut is always nice!”, with a silly grin on his face. Some translated this to sex (assuming he was a virgin) but I just took the last line and ran with it. The butternut is always nice…and I’d like my blog (s) to always be a “nice” spot to hang around!

Sorry for the inconvenience guys but I think it’s better now than 20 posts later.


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  1. gnovember says:

    It was so sad and painful to watch this episode of OPW and I really do wish them (and the Apostle hehehe) all the best in their marriage. I really do think he was talking about sex when he said that this was the night of the butternut. It did get confusing when he spoke of the devil being brought to his knees 🙂

    1. matlhodim says:

      hahahhaaa…I kinda knew what he meant. But like he said, “The butternut is alllways nice” (like he’d tasted it before). *covers face* My favorite character was his best man…

      1. gnovember says:

        Don’t cover your face, I also had that same thought about him tasting the allllways nice butternut.

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