Lesson From Jay Z – When Girls Hit Boys


Yes I was there….in spirit. *clears throat*

When I first saw the video of the elevator attack, like everyone else I could see how livid Solange looked, the chill on Bey’s face and of course the get-this-maniac-away-from-me look on Jay’s.

I honestly didn’t really care to follow up on this scandal, the why’s who’s and how’s.So why bring this expired story up now? Being a mother to a 7 year old boy and a 5 year old girl…and bullying.

I was busy minding my own, kids playing at the park in our complex when I got called to calm the situation there by my nephew. When I got there my son was surrounded by 5 girls and a boy that looked his age (7). The girls gave me some story about how he yelled at them and pushed one of them and and and…. I then asked him to apologize, which he did and then ran off. When we got home he broke down and explained his side of the story, which both his nephew and baby sister attested to. In a nutshell, yes he yelled at them because they were leaving a 1 year old behind. The girls then came back, circled him and started pushing him. One of them slapped him on the face and hit him with a jacket. This is when my boy decided to push this girl.

Here’s the thing, I dedicate my time teaching my son how to be a gentlemen, how to treat people, particularly females. So for me to watch little girls take advantage of his kind heart and trying to reverse what I’ve already started ain’t gonna fly. I promised I’d get those girls to take me to their parents the next day but life took over. This week another “big” girl did a similar thing to him…even went as far as throwing his ball on a tree where it got stuck. This time around, my husband decided to take matters into hands by getting this girl to take him to her parents; to which she obliged with a terrified look on her face (or so I’m told). When they got there, he explained the child’s behavior and you know how it goes – parents shouts at or hits the child, gets them to apologize to your kid and then life goes on.

Although I’m proud as a parent that my son kept the Jay Z elevator chill, it concerns me how girls have gradually become such bullies. Yes Mr Carter, I understand the position you found yourself in that night…and I respect you for not fighting back (should you bump into this post one day when Blue’s taking a nap, Bey’s in the studio and you’re home dead bored)

My question is after you put time and effort into teaching your children how to treat people and this happens, what do you do as a parent? How are we helping our boys? What are you teaching your daughter at home? Do you know what your child gets up to on the playgrounds besides playing?

I mean my son’s no angel but….



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