11 Must-Knows

Here’s a few things I feel every grown South African must know…

  1. Your height & weight
    Seeing that I’ve stopped growing taller and know my height off the top of my head and always make it a point that I know how much I weight. Not for vanity but health reasons. I can forgive you for not knowing how much you weight, but dude a person in their late 20s to early 30s with no idea how tall they are…living in the city nogal…no!
  2. An overview of the global map
    I’m pretty sure at some stage in your school life you had one of these by the classroom window or your teacher’s desk…

    If you don’t know how many continents there are; a few prominent countries and their capital cities…aowa!
  3. A minimum of 5 languages
    For a South African such as myself, this should be a breeze. As for other 1-language speaking countries, you need to try. If you live in Joburg at least know 3 other languages besides your home one and English.
  4. Country presidents
    Again, prominent countries in the world or in your continent. Africa would be a good place to start since we all know Barack Obama.
  5. Your cabinet ministers
    Dear South Africans, we’re in this together. I don’t know why they’re only listed per political party on the parliament website, but eNCA has a decent, straightforward list.
  6. Your country’s population
    Another must. Just to help you a bit, last year (2013) Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) estimated the mid-year population as 52,98 million.
  7. Current affairs
    This is simple; news is all around you in the form of radio, Internet or TV. Just listen to at least one radio news bulletin in the morning, and another in the afternoon; keep logging on to sites like News24 in between work, or watch the evening news bulletin to get an idea of what’s going on around you or in other parts of the world.
  8. Your HIV status
    Not only for your partner’s sake but for yours as well.
  9. What you stand for
    Don’t go with the wind. That makes you look weak and feeble. Have an opinion on things. Believe in something.
  10. History of our country
    Please…I beg i beg I beg. Every person from every racial group must take time to learn about our history as a country.
  11. Exchange rate
    Particularly the Rand/Dollar/Euro/Pound exchange rates since South African does a lot of business with countries using these currencies.

Now off you go…days of excusing yourself from those sober, “intelligent” conversations at get-togethers are over. You’re welcome!!


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