What’s been cooking? New love got me…


Tjo I haven’t blogged in a minute yerrrrr! I can’t even tell you why; but I do know the relationship between my couch and I has grown, thanks for your prayers.

So I’ve sold my hair salon (story for another day) to a much more focused, highly skilled, less cluttered wonderful lady whom I know will take it to greater heights. I’ve gone back to degree-chasing and registered 5 modules…I swear I’m going to be that girl who took 10 years to complete a degree.

But another stupid/brave/exciting venture I’ve taken on is…grab a chair…STAND UP COMEDY!! Ok I’ll give you a minute or two to either pick your jaw up from the floor or get back up from rolling on the floor with laughter.


Ok you’re back. So yes, some time late last I started deliberating on taking on stand up comedy…because…wild dreams. Did I think I was hillarious? A little. Was I missing women on comedy stage? Definitely. Was I tired of being an unpaid joke analyst/critic? Most definitely.

So then I dared myself, “Listen here, if you think some of these guys are as bad as you think they are, then put yourself in their shoes demmet!”. I picked up a phone and called a few comedy clubs, got a 5-min spot at Parkers in April. Ha! Then I started writing like  a maniac…

My first set wasn’t too bad I’ll say…but the next one…and the next one…and the next…tjo! Horror! Guys it’s tough out there hey. If you see big comedians flop on stage, please have mercy.

I’ve been lucky in that when my jokes are good, they’re really good; and when they suck, the worst I get are cringes and not boos. I’ve watched two guys get booed off stage just before I could go on and almost threw up on the floor in nerves. It hasn’t been easy, but the few laughs I get push me to write more and perform more. So there…

I haven’t thought of a stage name yet becuase really, Matlhodi just won’t fly. I find it too serious and formal…aowa. But I believe stage names are earned and right now…I’m still a nobody in comedy so I won’t even bother playing around with names.

So every now and then, the comedy analyst/critic in me will hit and I’ll review some shows here on the blog. Also, people always say they never know where or when the next comedy shows take place, so I’ll share those I come across…hopefully soon I’ll be on one of those line-ups.

So here’s to tears of disappointment, boos, laughter, and hopefully more laughter. Cheers to comedy!


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