Event Review: Eugene Khoza’s Back!! Khoz He’s Still Got It…

Eish, couldn’t resist…hahahaa….lame aker?


Anyway, on Saturday my friend Nipha and I, braved the Joburg cold and set off to go see Eugene Khoza‘s long overdue one-man show, Never Ready at The Lyric theatre by Goldreef City. For the first time I was the first to arrive and SHE WAS LATE. But as you know comedians and African time, we made it into the cinema just in time…by that I mean in the middle of the opening act’s set.

The opening act was alright shem. I remember laughing but can’t recall any of his jokes. His name’s Glen Biderman-Pam (@GlenBidermanPam) and I think he has future in stand-up comedy shem.

I personally had my reservations about Eugene to be quite honest; it must have been all those irritating Nedbank ads he’s been running with over the past few years. But then I remembered the a few years ago when I went to see his one man show, Khoza Can I had similar sentiments only to be shocked by his great performance. Guess I’m a hater…ah there you go Eugene, you have a voluntary hater.

On Saturday though, he came out guns blazing. Jokes that particularly stood out the most for me were when he picked on ugly people; his mother’s humble gloating about his achievements to her haters back in Soshanguve…when he started parroting her, there was a sense of I-can-sssso-relate throughout the audience…I haven’t met his mom, but through the whole act I could visualize her.

But the ultimate killer of the night was the Boko Haram and TB Joshua jokes. I won’t go into details nor spoil this for those of you who are yet to see the Never Ready show, but I really appreciated his bravery on tapping into these two points of daily discussions other comics have been reluctant to take a stab at.

On a scale of 1-10 I’d definitely rate Never Ready show a staggering 9.5. On a real. I just saw him tweet that he’s in Pretoria on the 27th and I’m thinking of “taking my husband with” this time around.

Note to other comics: Sometimes taking some time off stage isn’t such a bad thing.



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  1. Nangi says:

    I love, love Eugene Khoza’s comedy! Seems like it was a great show and it’s good to see he is doing stand up comedy again. Thanks for sharing.

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