Opinion: If it no longer serves you???

Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.

Askies but I don’t entirely agree with such quotes and here’s why…

A few weeks ago I attended a funeral in my hometown. The deceased was someone I knew my entire life so you can imagine the reunion with childhood friends and old neighbors.

Ok I’m going to try and keep this short. So after the burial we went back to his home for diyamaleng (food) and I decided to look for my one childhood friend I hadn’t seen in decades. I finally found her and we spent hours together, chatting, reminiscing on our childhood, following each other around like we were kids again. I met her beautiful daughter as well. Such a lovely young girl.

But upon my departure, I sat in the car for a while with a very heavy heart. She isn’t doing well at all – she’s unemployed and has been for years; she recently lost her parents, siblings and uncles and was not fortunate enough to study further. Her eyes were carrying so much pain and despair. I thought of her little girl and the future she had ahead of her.

Then I asked myself, is this where the above quote comes in? Do I turn my back because the friendship didn’t “serve me”? Because she didn’t live in her own fancy little apartment, driving her own car with a decent job; holding deep & intelligent conversations? Or do I rebuild this friendship to ensure the daughter does better than mommy? Well, you guessed it. I chose the latter. I chose to cover them with prayers as well. Go ahead and call me self-righteous but I don’t support this whole notion of abandoning people because they’re no longer on your level. If they keep hurting you, then it’s understandable but if you’re going to run because people are no longer educated enough, rich enough, holy enough for you, then you’re a jerk….sorry.

It’s people like these who turn bitter when one day things turn around for those who didn’t “serve them” and they start doing better than them.

We have to push this life thing together people. I have friends with money and some still pushing. I love and respect them equally and I know those who are currently struggling will realize their dreams one day – and I want to be there to celebrate their success. The founder of KFC was in his sixties when he started the business and wena in your thirties you think you’ve arrived and have written people off. Shem Benoni next to Boksburg. O tlo bona spoko.

So please, let’s not allow some measly quote on Instagram remove us from botho/ubuntu tog.

Bathong kore I haven’t posted anything on this blog in over a year! Please pray for me bazalwane.


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  1. M.P. says:

    I think you’re misreading the quote, or perhaps taking it a bit too literally. It doesn’t translate into “when you become a ‘better’ person, leave your old life behind”. It is clear that your childhood friend needed your support and you felt compelled to give that support. Therefore, it is serving you once again. Your need to help others is being activated. Just because something no longer serves us at one point in our lives, it doesn’t mean that it can’t serve us (perhaps with a different function) at another point in our lives. Just something to think about…

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