Event review: My 1st #ComedyUnderTheSun experience

This past weekend I decided to give studies and working on being the baddest make-up artist in the world a break when hubby and I, together some friends attended the third (or maybe second) Comedy Under The Sun Picnic at Dries Niemandt Park in Kempton Park. This event is the brainchild of one of my favorite vernac (sePedi to be specific) comic, Mashabela Galane.

After sunset. I couldn’t find the day shot, sorry

I was introduced to Mashabela’s pedi comedy a few years ago by my friend, Tumi who insisted I got his DVD. Instead of getting the DVD, hubby and I being the stand-up comedy addicts we are, decided to go see him live at the Pretoria State Theatre; and boy did we get value for our damn ZAR!! Mashabela was born to shine nje. It’s as if a set of gifts, personality, passion etc were created first…then God just threw the body in. Like David Kau, you don’t have to ask what he was like back in school; you can just tell he was the class clown.

The man of the moment, Mashabela Galane

Anyway, enough with an unpaid PR campaign; back to Saturday. Firstly, the line-up looked like the SABC choir, but I wasn’t surprised as this event was a midday to midnight affair. Yes, 12 to 12. We were allowed to bring our own picnic baskets, drinks and camp chair. I loved the picnic setting, even the VIP area was really chilled with real people.

Dr Malinga, among many others (boJub-Jub) gave a stellar performance as usual. Shem we ran into him before he went on stage and he seemed like the complete opposite of the onstage Dr Malinga we know. There were a few familiar comic faces like Kedibone Mulaudzi (who had to leave early to do Blacks Only – why these two shows were scheduled on the same day is beyond me), Chris Mampane, Celeste Ntuli, Skhumba and Salesman. Salesman was my highlight of the night to be honest.

Ah…Salesman wa motokwa…ya know

There were lots of photographers roaming around with entry level cameras so we acted along and posed the day away.

Of courser we were in the mix of things…ha re sale

The disappointment, besides the up and coming comics (who deserved some stage time) was Mashabela. He got on stage and no one can tell you a single joke he did. Such a disappointment. But I won’t blame him because we had asked him a few hours earlier if he was going to perform, to which he responded “Ke mo lifiing” tr “I’m on leave”. Aikhant with this guy.

A moment of silence for this physique and his dance moves…moer!

Also, what I thought could be done differently is get the comedy out of the way before ntate alcohol became the main act; while the audience could still listen and be in on the jokes without intefering…then close off with Djs.

T-bose from Kaya Fm took us back with a nice 90s kwaito-house set which we thoroughly enjoyed. We literally danced the night away; I only sat when I was eating.

Shem overall it was a great event.

Will I attend the next one? If the setting is the same, then heck yeah.

PS: Can we please deal with our jealousy, then acknowledge the sponsors here. Nice one meneer Galane. *applause*


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