Still to come…


Heita fellow Africans! I know I have a bad habit of posting once a year but I’m really trying to get better, your patience is required… all 4 of you.

So after publishing my last post, On Racism I got quite decent feedback ranging from questions seeking clarity on feminism to others questioning my opinions and stance on issues such as religion. Some of you were just relating your racism experience, which made me even more determined to be as fearless in highlighting social injustices than ever. So in my next few posts I’ll be delving into the following:

  1. Religion – why I decided to dissociate from this box
  2. Feminism – I’ll break this down into categories (academic definitions)
  3. How to start a blog – don’t worry, I got you

But first, I feel like doing my first book review. That Lindiwe Hani’s Being Chris Hani’s Daughter had me in my feelings you guys. I’m only 6 chapters in but can’t wait to share it with you already.

Now let’s get these exams out the way and get back to it!!

Good luck to those of you who are facing this bitch called exams!


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