Mosadisadi = A real women (ka seTswana, sePedi, seSotho)

Mosadisadi according to society is “A real woman who cooks, cleans, says yes to everything she’s told without asking questions; a yes woman; has curves; sits like a lady; speaks softly; laughs softly; a great mother; bites her tongue, tolerates every disrespect and unfair treatment from males; goes with everything the boss says and and and…

Well, guess who isn’t mosadisadi!!!

I’m the most imperfect mother, wife, friend, daughter, sibling, employee & boss; a “tomboy” according to my son; a “perfect lady” in my daughter’s eyes. I question EVERYTHING & EVERYONE. I’m not a yes chick. I love fast cars & long open roads. I laugh & speak loudly. Introvert/extrovert. A passionate runner, writer & makeup artist. I’m difficult to love YET the easiest to love when understood.

My name is Matlhodi and in mine and God’s eyes, KE MOSADISADI



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